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Paperclip Snake Necklace X SACRED SERUM Roller

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The Renewal 

In honor of a journey towards self-love and rejuvenation, we have created The Renewal bundle which includes our serum roller and Meredith Kahn necklace.

Our Sacred Serum Roller is an easy-on-the-go way to experience the potent healing of our organic face oil, perfect for that person who is a no-nonsense type, always on the go. Adorn your neck with the stunning Paperclip Snake Necklace as a talisman of healing, wisdom, protection, rebirth & eternity. This necklace is a reminder that there is power in renewal & growth to find balance & healing in our lives. 

The Renewal bundle is offered in a black gift box and ready to glow!


Sacred Serum Roller

10 ml stainless steel roller application of Sacred Serum

Meredith Kahn Paperclip Snake Necklace
Snake Paperclip = 1.5” wide- brass plated with 14K Yellow Gold
Gold Filled Chain = 16”
Hand made in Los Angeles

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