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    Share your Glowing Skin Journey for a Complimentary bottle of Sacred Serum, Glow or Body Oil.

    All you need to do is record a quick 60 second video testimonial about Sacred Serum for use across our website and socials. 

    1. Grab your phone and the bottle your reviewing ( Sacred Serum is preferred ) 
    2. Stand at a window or outdoors, for good lighting, and hold the bottle so it's visible in the shot 
    3. Place or hold the phone vertically & Hit Record!
    4. Smile, have fun... and answer the following questions:
      1. Tell us about your skin condition before using Sacred Serum? 
      2. Describe what you looking to address with your skin that other solutions haven't provided?
      3. Describe what you noticed after using it? Who else noticed?
      4. How has Sacred Serum made your life easier / better? 
      5. Why does that matter to you? 
      6. Would you recommend Sacred Serum to others? 
    5. Using your phone submit a review here and attach your video file.
    6. We'll email to arrange delivery of your complimentary bottle. 

    Thank you for supporting our indy skincare brand and we truly value your contribution to our mission to help our customers love their skin and themselves. 

    In health & beauty,
    Marysia & Stephen
    ☝️ Check Out Alexandria's Video!

    Alexandria has been using Sacred Rituel since 2020! She recorded this in her beautiful living room in Colorado and she spent the most time just getting ready to record.

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