We are here to share some insight and loving practices to help you navigate the energies influencing our emotions, lives and energy as we find ourselves connecting to the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Jan 10th, as well as the Earth's energies of Winter in the Northern Hemisphere. 

Following this Earth & Star forecast, our Master Herbalist, author and teacher Marysia Miernowska shares some practices to help you stay nourished and thriving amidst the intensity. 

We also go into greater depth on how to use the SACRED RITUEL beauty set to support your health and well being, and will help you understand the difference between dry and dehydrated skin - a common winter problem! 

Finally, we are excited to share FEEDBACK FROM TWO MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS who are loving SACRED RITUEL as well as a list of what you can expect instantly, within 2 weeks and a couple of months into your new beauty ritual… 

As we share our blessings for you in this New Year, it is also our joy to share with you a gift coupon you can share with a friend -- one of our intentions is to help us connect to the love that radiates from within us, sharing it with the world around. Spread the love and give a friend the gift of 20% off their first order! 

Navigating these times, A LOOK INTO THE celestial and seasonal energies.. 

Astrologers have been writing about the planetary alignments we are now entering for YEARS. On January 10th, we will have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in the sign of CANCER, the sign of the Mother Archetype. Two days later, Pluto and Saturn have a conjunction that amplifies our opportunities to bring in new perspectives, strengthen the courage of our hearts to make positive changes and be bold in our visions and new practices for the year ahead. 

Emotions may feel intense collectively as well as personally. Many of us are experiencing transformations, unrest and massive changes, and amidst it all the astrology is encouraging us to draw on the energies of the Mother. 

Mother yourself -- how can you be the most loving, supportive, gentle and nourishing Mother to your own self? As we grow on this human journey, we have the opportunity to release old stories and wounds about how we were or were not mothered, bringing in forgiveness and opening our hearts, knowing it is never too late to experience the nourishing love that can make us thrive. What's more, we awaken to the realization that we can give that love and care to ourselves -- perhaps better than anyone else can. 

So take it slow, check in with your feelings. Don't push yourself to go out or be social if you really are craving a cuddle at home, a hot bath, and time with your journal. Invite in *** new practices and new comforts *** that nourish you even deeper than before. If you are used to calling on a glass of wine for some needed relaxation, see if you can lovingly offer yourself a new experience - perhaps a hot bath with Epsom salts, essential oils and a cup of cacao. If watching a movie helps you unplug from your responsibilities, see if you can invite yourself into a candle lit experience of journaling. The planets are supporting positive changes!

The season of winter is a time for us to slow down and rest. Animals hibernate, the garden sleeps, and this rest is part of the regenerative current that allows us to sprout and spring forth in natural vitality, beauty and energy in the Spring. If we push ourselves too much now, we are more likely to weaken our immune system, to look tired, give into cravings and bad habits and it shows up in our skin, energy and vitality too. 

Beauty Rituals for the Winter Months …

~ Rest. Go to sleep early - listen to your body and don't be surprised if you need more sleep than usual. 

~ Stay hydrated. Drink warm lemon water first thing in the morning or a beautifying herbal tea of Nettles - a timeless plant rich in vitamins, minerals and enzymes and used to improve the health and vigor of hair, skin, nails as well as digestion and heart health. 

~ Improve circulation and blood flow to your skin with dry brushing every morning. With large strokes, move the dry bristle brush from  your feet and hands towards your heart, covering your body. Dry brushing exfoliates dry and dull skin, improves circulation and therefore skin vitality and regeneration, and supports the lymphatic system which supports detoxification and immune health. And it feels enlivening and great! 

~ Hydrate your skin with The Sacred Rose Mist upon waking in the morning and in the evening. Let your skin drink in the waters of the rose flower and then pat in a generous amount of the botanical Sacred Serum.

Do you have Dry skin or Dehydrated Skin....

The Winter months can leave our skin looking dry, dull and dehydrated. Find out if you have one or both and how to support your skin's hydration!

Dry skin:

~ underproducing sebum (natural oil)

~ constant year round and may be worse in the winter

~ feels dry all over -- face, scalp and body

~ may be caused by hormones, genetics or side effects of medication

~ pores are smaller in size

Dry skin remedies: 

~ use Hydrating Rose mist generously and seal it into the skin with a generous application of the Sacred Face Serum.

~ use a clean, hot washcloth on the face or steam to open up the pores in your skin, so you can take in more Rose Mist and Sacred Serum.

~ warm some raw, organic, fair trade Mango Butter between the palms of your hands and rub into your face, body and any dry skin once or twice a day. Especially beneficial after a hot shower when your skin pores are open.

Dehydrated Skin:

~ lacking water

~ may be temporary or seasonal

~ can feel oily and dry at the same time -- may cause breakout

~ causes: weather, incorrect skin products that contain chemicals or alcohol, heat or air conditioning, pollution, flying, etc. 

~ use Hydrating Rose mist generously and seal it into the skin with a generous application of the Sacred Face Serum.

~ use a clean, hot washcloth on the face or steam to open up the pores in your skin, so you can take in more Rose Mist and Sacred Serum.

Dehydrated Skin remedies:

~ hydrating internally - drinking warm lemon water in the morning on an empty stomach and drinking magnesium in water in the evening.

~ eating fruits, avocados, healthy oils. Avoiding too much coffee, sugar, alcohol.

~  use Hydrating Rose mist generously and seal it into the skin with a generous application of the Sacred Face Serum.

~ use a clean, hot washcloth on the face or steam to open up the pores in your skin, so you can take in more Rose Mist and Sacred Serum.

What you can expect using SACRED RITUEL Rose Mist & Sacred Serum...

Upon first application...

~ you will feel your skin more hydrated and toned.

~ you will notice a warm glow of golden radiance.

~ skin tone will be more even and healthy looking - dry patches, irritations or rashes calm and tone down.

~ you will feel protected from the elements - from harsh sun, wind and environmental pollution.

Within the first two weeks...

~ you will feel how your skin eagerly drinks in the healing properties of the plants in the mist and serum

~ you will notice a balance in the natural oil production of your skin. If you are prone to acne and oily skin, oiliness will diminish. If you have dry skin, it will be smoother and more hydrated.

~ you will notice a lift and boost in the vitality of your skin, appearing more youthful. 

~ wrinkles diminish. Eczema, rashes, inflammation considerably diminishes.

~ you will be getting compliments on your skin! :)

Within the first two months..

~ scars diminish and heal

~ considerable anti aging effects. Less wrinkles!

~ sun spots diminish or disappear

~ some users have reported increased collagen in their upper lip

~ some users have reported their estheticians saying their skin has never been healthier!