Hello beautiful ones & happy full moon! 

For this month’s Sacred Rituel Newsletter, we decided to give you some tips for staying healthy and virus free as the nation becomes concerned with the Coronavirus.

As the formulator of Sacred Rituel and as a seasoned herbalist and author, I am feeling so grateful for the abundance of plants that are all around us - plants that make healing teas and have anti-viral, anti- fungal and antibacterial properties. 

Staying healthy and keeping your immune system strong is easier then you may think. Enjoy these simple, yet immensely effective tips for keeping yourself and your family healthy:

~ Get 8 hours of sleep! Being well rested is incredibly important for optimal immune function.

~ Reduce stress. Use meditation, deep breathing & self care practices that help you keep your stress low. Avoid overwhelming your nervous system with too much information or multi tasking. Slow down.

~ Stay nourished with a healthy diet rich in plants & vitamins. Raw garlic is a powerful antiviral. Add mushrooms such as Shitake mushrooms for additional immune support.

~ Make an antiviral tea using plants that are likely growing around you, or available at the grocery store. The following herbs kill pathogens and can be steeped in hot water for a healing, anti microbial tea. Add raw honey- it has anti viral properties and soothes the throat. Drink 3 cups of this tea a day to keep infections at bay!

Use one or a combination of the following herbs:

~ Rosemary

~ Oregano

~ Thyme

~ Ginger

~ Turmeric 

Pictured is a tea from my garden this morning made of fresh Rosemary and Oregano. You don’t need to add too many plants- these herbs are rich in aromatic oils and only a few springs is enough to make a lovely tea. Add honey and enjoy!

If you do have an active infection, be it bacterial or viral, drink a cup of this tea every 2-3 hours.

Blessings to your health & the health of our planet,


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