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Our partnerships are tailored to your needs and skills. You will get tons of amazing Sacred Rituel product, compensation per content delivered and 20% commission on sales revenue.

Create a testimonial or unboxing video

We are seeking to partner with you on short (60 seconds max) video testimonials to be used on Instagram and TikTok. We can provide a script and creative brief to ensure you are successful from your very first video!

How can I get Started?

Tell us your bio, social media accounts, any prior experience with our products and your interests. We are excited to partner with you and experience together how these healing sacred plants can nourish and regenerate your glow!

Our formulator, Marysia Miernowska, explains why SACRED SERUM is so effective

We created SACRED RITUEL BEAUTY to reverse the signs of aging, provide protection from the sun and environmental toxins and reduce inflammation.  It has completely changed my skin and the skin of so many of our happy customers!  

It's been so beautiful to hear from hundreds of customers and friends who have healed scars, plumped up their lips, reduced wrinkles, eliminated redness and have fallen in love with their radiant, healthy skin. 

We have dermatologists, surgeons, supermodels, outdoor athletes, environmentalists, and regular folks in love with Sacred Rituel, and I hope you too will deeply enjoy receiving the healing and beautifying gifts of the 28 botanicals infused with love and in ritual, in each glass bottle. 

With love for the Earth, and the power of collaboration,

Marysia & Stephen

Marysia Miernowska is a formulator, herbalist, author & director of The School of the Sacred Wild. You can follow her beauty and wellness tips @/marysia_miernowska/