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Clean Beauty | Clean Earth

We are planet conscious, 100% clean beauty for the greater good...

Clean Beauty | Clean Earth

Our Mission

Our mission is to restore beauty and balance in our bodies and the planet. We do this by creating the highest quality organic skin care products using ethical practices and ancient alchemy. We are fueled by our passion for regenerative living.

Our Causes

We support organic farmers and regenerative practices and we give 1% of our sales back to the planet. 1% for the Planet is a global movement inspiring businesses and individuals to support environmental solutions through everyday action. 

Organic hemp extract

Our organic Hemp extract comes from an organic, regenerative farm in upstate New York processed to maintain the plants full potential. It is third party tested for quality and potency. This farm uses the certified organic, food grade cryo-ethanol extraction method. This is the preferred extraction method for regulators and concentrate manufacturers and has years of well-developed regulatory guidelines. It is classified as GRAS by the FDA. We proudly support this farm in ensuring that their quality and testing set global standards.

Regenerative Agriculture

Sustainability is good. Regeneration is forever. The principal goal of a regenerative agricultural system is to build and maintain the soil’s ability to recycle nutrients, to capture and hold water, and minimize the farm’s dependence on outside inputs. The regenerative future of agriculture depends upon closed loop models. We farm according to the principle that in a natural system, there is no waste; what is not used by one organism is energy for another.

We proudly source the highest quality ingredients from certified organic land. The plants we ingest as food or through our skin are as good as the soil they grow in. That is why we go beyond sourcing certified organic plants and oils, we also source our certified organic Hemp from a regenerative farm. 

Regenerative agriculture is helping change the extractive model of taking resources from our Mother Earth and depleting her vitality and the health of our planet. Regenerative farming actually builds soil, nourishing the Earth, making her more vital so we can all thrive. 

At  SACRED RITUEL we are dedicated to creating the purest and most powerful product for you, so your skin can drink in all of the minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and oils it needs to thrive. But we are not stopping there. As a company, we are dedicated to nourishing the Earth, so she can thrive too and so we can all enjoy her. We are not just a beauty brand. Join us on the path of regenerating beauty on Earth.

Refill, Reuse, Recycle

Conscious thought has been put into all of our packaging materials to keep our impact on the planet small. Yes! You can easily refill your travel set with product from the larger bottles. All of our bottles are recyclable. Please rinse out before you toss in the recycling bin...or get creative and reuse them. Post your creative ideas on Instagram and tag us @sacredrituel!

Sacred Rose Mist is proudly offered in a recyclable Miron Violet Glass bottle which preserves and protects it from visible light, thus lengthening its durability and potency. A beautiful bottle to keep and reuse.
Our 100% cotton pouches are of course reusable as well! They make excellent traveling companions for jewelry, make-up, hair ties, lavender creative!

Sacred Serum is offered in a custom designed, Deco-esque, glass bottle with a zinc alloy metal emblem that is 100% recyclable or preferably reusable. (Mini flower vase, incense holder, candle holder, diffuser.. be creative!)


You have 30 days to try our products. Return for a full refund if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase.

Our 30 day guarantee