Let's cast the limelight on RosehipSeed oil, one of the stars amongst our Sacred Serum face oil's curated collection of 27 organic ingredients. Originating from ancient cultures like the Egyptians, Mayans, and Native Americans, rosehip oil was celebrated for its skin-rejuvenating attributes. 

Fast forward to the present, and this timeless oil remains an indispensable asset in the skincare industry, thanks to its unique blend of nutrients designed to nurture and replenish your skin.

In this piece, we'll talk about the wonders of rosehip oil - from its essence to the benefits it holds. We'll also shed light on the transformative power of selecting high-quality ingredients, revealing how they create a harmonious balance for both you and the planet. 

At Sacred Rituel, we are committed to providing environmentally and socially responsible products, crafted from organic, raw ingredients only through the art of ethical farming practices and ancient alchemy.

Type: Rosehipoil is obtained from various species of roses, particularly Rosa Canina and Rosa Rubignosa. The bright orange fruits of the rose bush are the ones used in the extraction process to produce rosehip oil.

History: For centuries, rosehip oil has been cherished for its remarkable properties and hailed as a beauty elixir. Dating back to ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians, Mayans, and Native Americans, this precious oil was revered for its rejuvenating effects on the skin, earning its reputation as a timeless remedy for promoting a radiant complexion.

Benefits: Hydrates and moisturizes, brightens skin tone, supports collagen production, soothes skin inflammation, helps fade scars and stretch marks, nourishes hair and scalp, non-comedogenic

A Sacred Secret? Rosehipoil contains a higher concentration of vitamin C than most citrus fruits. This makes it a powerful ingredient for promoting collagen production, brightening the skin, and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Background: RosehipOil

Derived from the seeds of Rosa Canina, rosehip oil brings a touch of nature’s finesse to your skincare routine. With a high concentration of essential nutrients, it's a cornerstone ingredient for many luxurious skincare products.

Exuding an exquisite light texture, rosehip oil sinks effortlessly into your skin, devoid of any greasy aftermath. Its characteristic yellowish-orange hue paired with a subtle, nutty aroma enhances the overall sensory experience.

The oil is a powerhouse of vital fatty acids like linoleic, oleic, palmitic, and stearic acids. Its concentrations of vitamins A, C, and E boast antioxidant properties, shielding your skin from free radicals while diminishing the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines.

Further enriched with carotenoids, rosehip oil helps soothe inflammation and guard your skin against sun damage. It also harbors crucial minerals such as zinc, magnesium, and calcium, pivotal for maintaining skin health.


What is rosehip oil?

Benefits include:

  • Hydrates and moisturizes
  • Brightens skin tone
  • Supports collagen production
  • Soothes skin inflammation
  • Helps fade scars and stretch marks
  • Nourishes hair and scalp:
  • Non-comedogenic

Sacred Serum & Organic RosehipOil

Sacred Serum face oil adapts to your skin type due to a balanced formula of botanical super-food flowers, plant and seed oils. Working synergistically with the 26 other organic ingredients in Sacred Serum, rosehip oil is excellent in preventing skin dryness by providing hydration and nourishment, ultimately enhancing its natural radiant appearance.

Our organic nutrients and antioxidants penetrate to provide a healthy glow while balancing your skin tone. 

Sacred Serum Benefits:

  • Deeply moisturizes for an instant visible glow
  • Reduces inflammation and promotes cell regeneration for a visibly youthful glow in a matter of days.
  • Amplified by 777 mg USA-certified organic full-spectrum hemp extract
  • Has a light texture that quickly absorbs into the skin for an instant smoothing, soothing glow
  • Protects from environmental damage with powerful antioxidants, fatty acids and vitamins A, B, C, D, E
  • Unbelievably smoother, brighter skin, visibly transformed in a few days

Embrace the Daily Ritual AM+PM to maximize your glow: 

Begin your day with this rejuvenating routine, unlocking a radiant glow that simplifies your skincare needs, and wrap up your nighttime regimen with the power-packed Sacred Set, a sublime substitute for your conventional night cream.

Step 1: Rose Mist Toner

Begin with a clean face and generously spritz our Sacred Rose Mist onto your face and neck. Our pure organic Rose water mist instantly delivers a deep soothing dose of hydration, ready to be sealed in by our nourishing Sacred Serum face oil

Step 2: Sacred Serum

Using the vial, apply the Sacred Serum face oil directly to your skin or open palm. Pat and spread the serum evenly on your face and neck to ensure maximum absorption.

Why Choose Organic, Cold-Pressed RosehipOil? 

Organic ingredients have more potent nutrients and are free from chemicals and pesticides that enter your body. The key to beautiful skin lies in vitamins and nutrients, so we only choose to source the finest ingredients without chemicals and pesticides. 

  • Organic (Biodynamic) Label: Refers to how ingredients are grown and harvested. Compared to conventionally grown plants, organic products have little to no exposure to nitrates and pesticide residues, making them a better option for consumers.
  • Cold-Pressed Label: Refers to how ingredients are processed from a plant or seed to an oil. When oils are cold-pressed, they are extracted from their source using mechanical methods rather than heat or solvents. 

With cold-pressed oils, there is very little processing, which allows it to retain important nutrients responsible for healing. Ultimately, cold pressing delivers a potent product that's highly effective AND safe because there aren't any additives. It’s a win/win for your skin!

All Sacred Rituel ingredients are made without:

  • Artificial Colors & Dyes
  • Preservatives, Parabens, Phthalates

Preservatives: May be used in cosmetics to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and mold. Parabens and formaldehyde-releasing preservatives are commonly used preservatives in cosmetic and personal care products.

Parabens: Are preservatives used in a wide variety of personal care products and foods to prevent the growth of microbes. These endocrine-disrupting chemicals can be absorbed through skin, blood and the digestive system.

Phthalates: Pronounced THAL-ates, these chemicals, which are linked to endocrine disruption, developmental and reproductive toxicity, and cancer, have been banned from cosmetics in the European Union, but still remain prevalent in U.S. products.

Methylisothiazolinone (MIT) & Methylchloroisothiazolinone (CMIT): They may be hard to pronounce, but they can be even harder on the body. These common preservatives are found in many liquid personal care products and have been linked to lung toxicity,allergic reactions, and possible neurotoxicity.

  • Synthetic Fragrance
  • Fillers, Stabilizers, & Binders
  • Nanomaterial & Nanoparticles
  • Retinol & Retinol Compounds

Sacred Secrets: All Things RosehipOil

How is rosehip oil made?

  • Harvesting: The seeds are usually collected from wild rose bushes, which are native to Europe and parts of Asia.
  • Cleansing and Drying: The harvested seeds are then brought to indoor facilities to be cleaned and properly dried.
  • Extraction: The oil is extracted from the seeds through a process of cold-pressing, which preserves the beneficial nutrients and antioxidants in the oil. 
  • Filtering: After the oil is extracted, it is filtered  to remove any residue of impurities
  • Storing: Filtered rosehip oil is usually stored in glass bottles and kept in a safe environment.
  • Ready for use: Once all these processes are done, rosehip oil is ready for use and distribution

  • How can you use rosehip oil? 

    Rosehipoil serves as an all-around skincare elixir. Here are some ways you can use it:

    • Moisturizer: Apply after cleansing and toning for deep hydration and to help smoothen wrinkles and signs of aging for revitalized skin.
    • Night Serum: Rosehipoil works wonders overnight, offering nourishment while reducing dark spots and other signs of skin damage for a morning glow.
    • Facial Oil: It deeply hydrates and nourishes your skin, diminishing wrinkles, spots, and blemishes, enhancing skin radiance.
    • Massage Oil: Prior to a massage, rosehip oil aids in muscle relaxation, anti-inflammation, and improved circulation for a tranquil experience.
    • Lip Balm: Rose hip oil, when applied to the lips combats dryness and chapping, promoting soft and well-moisturized lips.
    • Hair Mask: Rosehipoil treatment can replenish and restore hair health, taming frizz while adding a lustrous, manageable quality.
    • Makeup Remover: Rosehipoil can be used to gently cleanse makeup, dirt, and impurities, leaving the skin nourished and hydrated.

    What to look for when buying rosehip oil?

    Here are some tips for finding the best quality oil: 

    1. Look for organic, cold-pressed rosehip oil. This means that the oil has been extracted without the use of chemicals or heat, which can degrade the quality of the oil. 
    2. Check the oil's expiration date. Rosehipoil is known to have a short shelf life, so it's best to buy an oil that has been recently made. 
    3. Look for an oil that is clear and golden in color. The color of the oil should be consistent and not vary too much. 
    4. Read the label for any additional ingredients. Rose hip oil should be pure and free of any additives or preservatives. 

    Should I use rosehip oil on my face? 

    Yes, rosehip oil can be used on the face. It is gentle enough to be used on delicate facial skin and is beneficial for a variety of skin issues including wrinkles, scars, and dryness.

    Who should not use rosehip oil? 

    Those with sensitive skin should use caution when using rosehip oil as it can cause irritation. Those with nut allergies should also avoid using rosehip oil as it may contain traces of nuts.

    Does rosehip oil affect hormones? 

    No, rosehip oil does not affect hormones. It is a natural oil with no known hormonal effects.

    How long does rosehip oil take to fade scars? 

    It depends on the severity of the scar, but rosehip oil can help reduce the appearance of scars over time with regular use.

    What are the two types of rosehip oil? 

    The two types of rosehip oil are distinguished by the species of rose from which they originate. The first type, derived from Rosa Canina, commonly referred to as the “Dog Rose,” is native to Europe, Northwest Africa, and Asia. The second type of rosehip oil is extracted from Rosa Rubiginosa, a native rose species found in the Southern Andes of Chile.

    What is the difference between Rosehip Seed oil and rosehip oil?

    Both rosehip oil and rosehip seed oil are produced from several different species of roses but mostly from Rosa Canina and Rosa Rubiginosa. 

    Rose hip seed oil is extracted exclusively from the rose’s seeds only while rosehip oil comes from the various parts of the plant including the leaf, seed, and flesh.

    Can too much Rosehip oil damage your skin? 

    Excessive use of rosehip oil can lead to skin irritation and dryness. Also take note that in certain instances, it may even trigger mild to severe allergic reactions so be mindful of these symptoms and take prompt action if they arise.